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آسان رو ماد اسکان

Asanro Mad skan Company​​​​​​​

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More than 20 years of experience in the elevator and construction industry

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Importing the world's best brands in equipment such as engines, cabins, escalators, rails, and electrical panels, the possibility of exporting products to neighboring countries, performing customs duties in the field of construction and elevator​​​​​​

Business Services

design and engineering

Benefiting from the engineering team in the elevator and building design matters using the world's latest methods and the best software technologies such as Lift Design, Solidworks and building design.

consulting services

Providing consulting services to respected employers to choose the best elevator products, purchase equipment; Contract matters and provide implementation solutions and consulting in construction and implementation.

Selling all Types of elevator equipment, engine, cabins, electrical switchboard, rails, and all Type of escalators, guaranteeing and guaranteeing quality

Equipment sales

With more than 600 successful performances, an expert and experienced team using the best tools and brands in the world

Installation and commissioning

All types of elevators and escalators service, overhaul, maintenance in most of the contracts and after delivery of the service on a round-the-clock basis

Repair and maintenance

Our history

More than 20 years of experience with a brilliant resume and reliable and diverse products

Years of experience

Using the best designers, engineers and technicians of the country and graduates from prestigious domestic universities

Expert team

Mada skan started its official activity in the field of business, design, production, and implementation of elevators in 2002 and has been a leading company in the elevator and escalator industry for more than 10 years. Production of cabins, import of equipment; The implementation of all types of car lifts, explosion-proof and high-altitude is only part of the capabilities of this company

Some Projects

The largest administrative and commercial project in the country with 22 elevators 3 meters per second, 155 meters high and 30 stops

Baran Tower

Chitgar Project

The largest residential project in Tehran with 40 elevators 2.5 meters per second, 130 meters high, and 35 stops​​​​​​

West Tehran residential project with 22 elevators 1.6 meters per second, height 80 meters and 22 stops​​​​​​​​

Orkideh Tower

Farmaniyeh commercial luxury project with 4 elevators 2.5 meters per second, height 60 meters and 18 stops​​​​​​

Farmanie Mall

The dream residential towers of Kish Island with 18 elevators 1.6 meters per second, 70 meters high and 18 stops​​​​​​

Kish Dream Project

A huge hotel in the heart of Tehran with 8 elevators 3 meters per second, 150 meters high and 45 stops​​​​​​​​​​

Melal Hotel


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